Taking Time to Give Gratitude: 7 Tips to Show Your Thanks Every Day

Thank you notes

7 Tips to Show Your Thanks Every Day

The very word “Thanksgiving” means giving thanks. Thankfulness isn’t just for the last Thursday in November—it’s for every day! Being thankful will help make you a happy, healthier person. Try these tips to show your gratitude each and every day.

  • 1. Grateful Moments. Every day, take a minute or two to think of the people and things in your life for which you’re grateful.
  • 2. Write Your Thanks to Someone. Take time each day to express your thanks–in writing–to someone. It doesn’t have to be a formal thank you card or long essay. An email, sticky note, or on someone’s social media page. The person who receives your thanks will appreciate you taking the time to express your gratitude.
  • 3. Express Thanks Through Hugs. Some people go weeks without physical contact from another human being. A hug is a great way to express your thanks.
  • 4. Do Something Nice…Just Because. Doing something small to make someone else happy is a great way to express gratitude. Think about what your friends, family, neighbor, or co-worker needs help with or something they would appreciate. The possibilities are endless!
  • 5. Give a Gratitude List. With a specific person in mind, create a list of why you’re thankful…something they’ve done for you, what you like about them, etc.
  • 6. Be Public with Your Thanks. Most everyone appreciates public praise. Take the opportunity to tell others why you’re grateful for a particular person. Facebook is a perfect venue for this, and so are family and work get-togethers.
  • 7. Give Thanks for the Tough Times, Too. It’s not easy to be thankful for things and situations in your life that have caused you grief, but these are the moments that help shape who we are. For example, being a family caregiver for an elder loved one in NJ can be a tough road, but can also be very rewarding.