Unique blogs connect families & friends during health challenges

Are you (or someone you love) currently undergoing some tough health challenges? Sometimes during these crucial moments, it’s hard to keep everyone “in the loop” of how you’re doing–whether it be how you’re doing physically or emotionally. You may crave encouraging words and support, but just don’t have the energy to phone your BFFs. Some social sites are just too public for your private experience, but you still may want a few trusted members of your family and friends to share in your challenges.

The answer: free, secure websites created especially for those going through medical challenges such as cancer, severe trauma from a car accident, etc. On these sites, you, as the patient, or a member of the family–perhaps a grandparent or someone in NJ elder care–can create a blog to communicate updates. The sites also have a place for people to leave you messages of encouragement. For more information, go to www.carepages.com and www.caringbridge.org.