Spruce up your outdoor areas with container plants

Show plant container garden

Container Gardening Is Easy and Adds Beauty

With the weather becoming better each day here in New Jersey, it’s time to get outdoors and bring life into your outdoor spaces–walkways, patio, balconies, and gardens. Container plants add beauty, color, contrast, and texture to any area where they are placed.

Less Work and Space, Equal Beauty

Container plants are a terrific option for those who live in apartments or for homeowners who like having plants, but who may not be able to give as much time, space, or desire to commit to a large garden space. Potted plants and flowers can also be a wonderful hobby for an older person who may not want to or be physically able to work in a larger garden.

Get Creative with the Containers

The actual containers themselves can be creative or practical—anything from a cute teacup (or old work boot, as shown) to a traditional terra cotta pot. There are also lightweight plastic pots, ceramic pots, and pots with automatic watering systems. Use a variety of shapes and sizes to give your garden visual appeal. Also experiment with plant varieties, but make sure you pair plants with similar watering and sun requirements. There are plenty of sites online which will help you decide what plants are compatible. The garden associate at the store or nursery should also have information.