Spring is around the corner, so keep healthy the remainder of winter

In many areas of the country, the snow and wintry conditions will stay afloat even into spring. To ward off those winter to springtime change-of-season sniffles, think back to what your mom told you–eat right, go to bed early and stop touching everything.

Dr. Carl Wurster, chair of the Allied Health Department at Brown Mackie College-Boise, provides 5 tips on ways you can stay healthy the remainder of the winter.

  • 1. Regular exercise increases blood circulation and you also tend to drink more water when you exercise, which increases adrenalin secretion.
  • 2. “If you’re not in good shape, adjusting your diet is the best thing you can do,” says Dr. Wurster. “Proteins contain immune globulins which the body uses to fight viral and bacterial infections. Proteins also contain chemicals that make up antibodies.”
  • 3. Drink more water to prevent hypothermia. Without enough water, the mucus in your throat gets thicker and sets you up for pneumonia.
  • 4. Increased sleep causes a big change in cortisone secretion from your adrenal gland–which has a positive effect on the immune response.
  • 5. By taking vitamin C and other supplements you lower your chances of picking up an upper respiratory infection.

Courtesy of ARA Content