November is Family Caregivers Month. 6 ways to show appreciation…

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Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month. To those providing NJ elder care to their loved ones, our hearts at Visiting Angels NJ go out to you. We know how tough the job is on an ongoing basis, and know you would appreciate some sincere appreciation!

Below are 6 ways friends and loved ones can help you out:

  • Offer a few hours of time to relieve the family caregiver. This will give them some much needed time to relax, shop, or visit friends
  • Show your appreciation by sending a greeting card, note, or even a bouquet of flowers to help brighten up their day
  • With the holidays on the way, offer to help them decorate their home, or address holiday card envelopes
  • Spread some humor by sending them a comedy DVD or humorous book
  • If you’re detail oriented, offer help a family caregiver fill out medical forms, insurance forms, and any other paperwork that may be overwhelming
  • Offer your help with handyman tasks around the home–replacing light bulbs, raking leaves, and other minor repairs

For more information on Family Caregivers Month, check out our Family Caregivers resource page.

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