Are your older parents eating right? Check out 6 ways to eat smart…

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Improving Nutrition in Seniors

In the NJ elder care industry, we often see clients who don’t eat as well as they should. The American Dietetic Association has estimated 20-60 percent of seniors at home aren’t eating right and run the risk of malnutrition. Older people may have a variety of reasons for not eating well or enough. Depression, medications, and no desire to cook/prepare nutritious meals may all be reasons. We’ve listed some ways to help your older loved ones get the nutrition they need.

Six ways older adults can improve their senior nutrition:

  • 1. Take a daily multi-vitamin especially formulated for seniors
  • 2. Eat more fruits and vegetables–canned or fresh
  • 3. Select low-fat or fat-free dairy products–such as milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • 4. Eat less meat/eat more beans, fish, nuts, and seeds–the last three are rich in healthy oils
  • 5. Consume less saturated fats and trans-fats
  • 6. Get your Vitamin D–through exposure to sunlight or through a vitamin

At Visiting Angels, our aides can help your older loved ones eat more nutritionally with meal preparation. For more information about nutrition for seniors, visit our resource page.

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