Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors

May 10th, 2012 1 Comment

Crime isn’t something anyone wants to think about, but it’s hard to ignore (just watching a few minutes of the 6 o’clock news will verify that!). Older people and those providing NJ elder care/NJ home care may worry about being a target for crime, but there are some easy things seniors can do to help avoid crime and stay safe.

Home Safety

  • Don’t keep lots of cash in the home
  • Keep doors and windows locked at all times
  • Before opening the door, look through the window or peephole to identify who is there
  • Become familiar with your neighbors

Street Safety

  • Always stay alert
  • Avoid unsafe areas
  • Keep car doors locked at all times
  • Park in a brightly lit area
  • Keep your purse close to you; if there is a strap, place it across your chest
  • Never resist a thief; give them anything they demand

Money Safety

  • Have your checks directly deposited in your account
  • Do not carry a lot of cash
  • Put your checkbook and credit cards in separate wallets
  • Keep your wallet in an inside pocket

Fraud Safety

  • Don’t be afraid to say no to phone solicitors; hang up if they won’t take no for an answer
  • Never give credit card or account numbers to someone who calls you, regardless of who they say they are
  • Don’t fall for scams that are deals that seem too good to be true
  • Never take money out of the bank if someone requests it
  • Be careful of hiring workers who go door-to-door looking for work; try to get referrals and never pay the full amount in advance

Identity Theft Safety

  • Look at your credit card and bank accounts carefully
  • Shred any papers that show personal information
  • Don’t carry your Social Security card with you
  • If someone emails you, never give your account information
  • Use a firewall and anti-virus software on your computer

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  1. […] Seniors are also a high-risk group. Older people are often unaware of what identity theft even is, and are known by telemarketing scammers as easy targets for collecting personal information. Seniors also fail to check bank accounts and credit reports as often as middle-aged people, leaving thieves ample time to take advantage of stolen information. […]