Seniors, Check Out These 4 Tips For A Vacation Free Of Stress…

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Now that you’re retired, vacation should be an especially relaxing time as you enjoy your loved ones. Unfortunately, a lack of proper planning can make vacations feel like you’re back at work. You can’t control flight delays or your 3-year-old granddaughter’s stomach flu, but several proactive measures in other key areas can relieve stress while vacationing.

1. Make Duplicates

At first glance, making copies of everything from your flight itinerary to your hotel reservation to a car rental confirmation might seem unnecessary. That conclusion may be true in many cases, but when things go wrong, these copies can be invaluable.

  • Compile all the important travel information in a binder and arrange it order of date. This will make the entire schedule smooth and predictable.
  • Keep the duplicates in a separate envelope inside your personal bag or purse.
  • Enter key contact numbers into your cell phone before leaving.

2. Protect Your Identity

Vacationers who unsuspectingly go online while sitting in a hotel lobby or an airport café are sitting ducks for cyber thieves. With Wi-Fi hotspots usually offering minimal security, it’s possible for anyone to steal your financial information, social security number and other sensitive data. Protect your identity before leaving home by enrolling an identity theft protection plan with a company like Lifelock. They’ll guard your personal information in all electronic forms, no matter where you pay your bills or check your bank account.

  • Identity theft protection companies also block suspicious, unauthorized use of your credit cards before the charges even go through.

3. Travel Wisely

Elder travelers must take greater precaution when embarking on a flight or long car ride. Safety is paramount, and a few key comforts can go a long way toward making your trip bearable.

  • Pack all medication in a carry-on bag, ensuring you’ll have the necessary remedy in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Wear loose clothing to limit heat-related problems and ensure comfort.
  • Arrange in advance for airport staff to assist you with your luggage and, if necessary, accommodate transportation within the airport.

4. Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

Confirming the specific criteria, date and location of all vacation reservations can alleviate stressful miscommunication.

Double confirm the check-in and check-out date of your hotel, along with any room requests you have. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel after a long trip only to learn that instead of the villa with a view you reserved, they’ve booked your and your spouse in a junior suite tucked away from all the amenities.

  • Call and confirm not only that you have a car reservation, but that you’ve reserved the spacious, air conditioned sedan, for example.
— by John Scharff, Guest Author
John studied communication on the West Coast and now spends as much time as he can traveling.

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