Seniors want to stay in their own homes rather than move in with their adult kids…

July 11th, 2012 No Comments

In a recent survey conducted by Gallup & Robinson, results reinforced the fact that older people want to retain their independence in their own homes as they age. 53% of people under the age of 65 reported that they would house an older parent when needed, but only 25% of people over age 65 said they would accept their children’s invitation to move in with them. For older seniors, they view their retirement years as time to enjoy life on their own terms. Moving in with their adult children may feel too hectic, confined or noisy. Moving away from their communities–church, friends, familiar surroundings–is another reason they may not want to move. Should they need care as they age, there are more elder care options available to them, rather than moving in with their families (such as Visiting Angels home care NJ).

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