Seniors, watch out for the Medical Alert robocall scam that’s been going around…

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New Jersey elders beware!

Seniors have been experiencing a wave of robocalls recently. Here’s the scenario: the phone rings, and the caller explains to the senior that their Life Alert system is paid for and ready to ship, just call the number to set up delivery. Once the senior calls the number, they are instructed to give their credit card or Medicare number. Some people have reported being charged $35/month and did receive an alert system. Others have reported not receiving anything at all, yet being unable to stop the charges.

It’s important to beware of scammers preying on seniors. Follow these tips:

  • If you don’t know the caller, don’t give them personal information
  • If you receive an automated call from an unknown company (or if the offer seems “off”, don’t respond)
  • If you receive a robocall, don’t press “1” to talk to a person; just hang up

If you or your loved on has fallen for this–or any other scam–contact your credit card to stop payment, if applicable, and the Better Business Bureau to report the calls. Read more at


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