Don’t sleep well? Your brain may have aged by 2 years because of it…

July 18th, 2012 No Comments

Four new studies have indicated that your sleep patterns–whether you get too much, too little, interrupted, or have excessive daytime sleepiness–may have links to brain aging and/or dementia risks. These results are also in the preliminary stages.

Snapshots of the studies:

  • Less than 5 hours or more than 9 hours per day suggested the cognitive equivalent to your brain aging by 2 years
  • Sleep apnea showed more than 2 times the odds of having dementia or other mild cognitive impairment
  • Being sleepy excessively throughout the day seemed to increase the risk of a decline in mental capacity
  • Blood samples taken from 3 sets of people showed a link between sleep patterns and proteins that are indicators of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers advise those with sleep issues to check with their health care providers.

Bottom line for all of us: develop healthy sleep habits.

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