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Visiting Angels NJ Receives Honor for Senior Care Service Excellence

October 26th, 2016 No Comments


Visiting Angels of Mercer and Burlington Counties Honored for 5-Star Service: 2 Years in a Row

Visiting Angels of Mercer and Burlington Counties is delighted to announce our selection as a “Caring Star Agency” for our senior care service excellence for the second year in a row. The award is based on, among other criteria, a high volume of positive 5-star reviews from our clients and/or their family members on our listings. We’re the only agency in Mercer County to receive this honor, one of only 2 in Burlington County, and only 9 other New Jersey home care agencies were awarded this honor! Nationally, Visiting Angels of Mercer and Burlington Counties is among only 151 agencies who share the “Caring Star of 2018” title.

Online reviews have been key for individuals seeking senior care for themselves or for their aging loved ones. has conducted multiple studies which have shown that family caregivers have indicated they seek online reviews when doing research on senior home care companies. The studies have also shown that these family members give even more weight to online reviews than to in-person recommendations from medical/geriatric professionals. The Caring Stars annual list helps senior care consumers narrow their options to the highest-rated providers. This list is especially timely as families gather for the holidays and realize their loved ones may need urgent or increased care.

“Congratulations to Visiting Angels of Mercer and Burlington Counties for achieving this award after earning accolades on from clients and their loved ones,” said Karen Cassel, CEO. “This important milestone speaks volumes about the positive difference Visiting Angels is making in serving older adults, and we celebrate their accomplishment.”

Read a few of the many positive reviews that led Visiting Angels to becoming a Caring Star Agency:

  • “Visiting Angels is terrific!” –Debbie432855
  • “The caregiver that we had was really excellent.” –Laura118462150
  • “Visiting Angels has been very instrumental and informative about the Veteran’s Benefits to which my mother was entitled… ” –Regina7

To read full reviews of these and many more, visit our pages:

To read more details about the Caring Stars program or to view the complete winner list, go to’s “Best In-Home Care: Caring Stars of 2018” page. is a leading senior care online resource with three million visitors to its website each month. We are proud to be associated with as they continue to provide information and support to family caregivers.

February is American Heart Month. Know your risks…

February 4th, 2014 No Comments

February is American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., and nearly 25% of deaths in New Jersey are heart disease related. Even though heart disease is a leading killer, it’s also one of the most preventable diseases. By knowing your risks, you can take appropriate measures now to help keep the disease away.

Risk Factors for Developing Heart Disease:

  • Age; older people over 65 are at greater risk
  • Genetics; if your parents have heart disease, your chances are greater
  • Stress level; a high level of stress increases your risk
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol excess

Read more on our Community Resource Page. Our Community Resource Bulletin offers tips on caring for an elder or other adult who has had a heart attack or stroke.


Saving for Retirement: All About Annuities

October 3rd, 2013 No Comments

Long Term Care Planning

In October, we’re bringing awareness to long-term care planning. Annunities may help with your NJ elder care planning.

“Are you planning for your retirement?” the TV ads ask. If your answer is, “Umm, not really,” you have plenty of company. Financial advisers across the Web scold Americans for not saving enough for retirement. While this is a real problem, many Americans are struggling just to keep up with the current costs of living. There are quite a few reasons:

  • Losses in savings and retirement accounts caused by record low interest rates and the collapse of several investment firms in 2008
  • Interruptions in income and savings caused by lay-offs
  • Stagnant incomes for those who managed to remain employed
  • Uneven relief, if any, in the costs for food, energy and other basics of life

In fact, more Americans than ever plan to work past their retirement age to make up for lost income and savings they experienced during The Great Recession, The Wall Street Journal reports. Thankfully, annuities provide some relief.

Annuities 101

One option for families thinking about retirement saving strategies is to consider annuities, which are long-term investment strategies that provide an income stream for retirees and people older than 59-and-a-half. Annuities are actually insured by the firms that sell them to protect investors from losing income. Some may even guarantee a fixed rate of return. It’s like having a warranty on your investment.

Annuities can be designed to fit different needs. They can be arranged to pay out funds to owners or their heirs for as long as they live or for a specific period of time. The latter reason makes them a common strategy used to pay out court settlements. Private placement variable deferred annuities (PPVAs) are even more attractive, particularly to lawyers working on court settlement details, because of their flexibility, transparency and ability to accept other investment forms, such as hedge funds and commodities. PPVAs can only be sold by brokers licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Selling Annuities

There is a healthy market for individuals who want to sell their annuities for any number of reasons, including to pay bills during a period of unemployment, save a residence from foreclosure or pay for college tuition. However, according to, annuity owners who plan to sell should carefully consider other options to raise money. The main concern is most annuities out there today are part of retirement packages. Retirement annuities sold before age 59-and-a-half come with a 10 percent tax penalty from the IRS. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Selling an annuity can bring unexpected costs, including a 7 percent fee if you opened it within the past year, in addition to age-related penalties. These “surrender charges” decrease with each year, usually by about one or two percent until they drop down to zero. Some annuities also let you take out earned interest without charge or allow a withdrawal up to 10 percent of the fund without the surrender fee.

Guest author: Tom Weaver | Tom is a financial planner from St. Paul.