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16 Simple ways you can help a family caregiver…

April 20th, 2016 1 Comment

16 ways to provide relief to a family caregiver

You may know a neighbor, friend, or relative who takes care of an older family member. These loving people spend so much of their time helping their elder loved one and may not realize they are suffering from–or on the verge of suffering from–caregiver burnout. What can you do to help them out?

  • Ask them if they need anything while you’re out shopping
  • Help them with yard work–raking leaves, pulling leaves, trimming the bushes
  • Come over one afternoon and spend time chatting together
  • Take a trip to the pharmacy to pick up their medications
  • Wash their car for them
  • Take them out for lunch
  • Offer to stay with the care recipient while they take a well-deserved break
  • Take their dog for a walk
  • Run the vacuum, dust, or load the dishwasher
  • Ask if they need any minor home maintenance–any light bulbs that need changed, squeaky doors, etc.
  • Send them a note or email to encourage them
  • Give them a ride if they need to go to an appointment or to church
  • Bring them a meal
  • Arrange a schedule/task form for visitors and others willing to help
  • Keep asking if they need anything, even if they keep turning you down
  • Tell them how home care NJ can help!

Legislation proposed to help NJ family caregivers…

January 23rd, 2013 No Comments

A new bill is being proposed in Trenton for those who provide elder care in New Jersey for their older family members, designated as the Caregiver’s Assistance Act. This tax break is being proposed to the caregivers, as long as the relative lives with them full-time. This bill is designed to help baby boomers who find themselves caring for their aging parents. About 1.7 individuals from NJ are family caregivers. The proposed tax credit would help with those expenses not covered by Medicare, such as home care NJ services, health equipment and supplies, or home modifications, among others. The cap for the credit would be $675 per year for a couple making no more than $100,000 combined. To read the bill, go to

Singer/songwriter Amy Grant on caring for aging parent…

June 28th, 2012 No Comments

Singer/songwriter Amy Grant has recently discussed providing elder care for her aging parent in an article on “With an aging parent,” she said, “it’s important for the people affected emotionally and financially to have consistent conversations…discuss what’s going to happen next; and think creatively for ways to meet their needs.” She discussed talking to her parents about their future, and the need to assign power of attorney to their daughters. Currently, her father (who has dementia) is living in his own apartment, with round-the-clock home care. She has also become connected with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, with the intent of helping baby boomers to become educated with the long-term care insurance choices for their parents and themselves. To read the article, go to:

Take a mental break with Tuesday’s Trivia…

June 26th, 2012 No Comments

Everyone needs to take mental breaks now and then, especially if you’re a family caregiver deep in providing NJ elder care. Without taking time for yourself, you may end up feeling depressed, angry, exhausted, anxious, or guilty. Be sure to take a smile break each day!

Today’s break: Trivia! Stretch your mind by learning the answers to these questions: What’s the most coinage you can have without being able to make change for a dollar? What was the first product to have a barcode? How much pizza does the average American eat each year? How deep is the deepest part of the Gulf of Mexico, measured by a famous NYC building? To find out answers to these questions and more, go to AARP’s website

Are you a family caregiver with holiday stress? NJ Senior Care can help…

December 15th, 2011 No Comments

Being a family caregiver during a “regular” month brings enough challenges each day, but with stress during the holidays, the daily challenges can become even more overwhelming. Not only do you need to keep the house clean, pay bills, prepare meals, care for your senior loved one as well as your spouse, children, and pets, but you also have to shop for holiday gifts, go to or plan holiday get-togethers, send holiday greetings…and the list goes on and on.

Wouldn’t it be a huge help if someone could take the responsibility of doing some of these tasks for you? Our NJ senior care certified aides can help! We can help you with simple housekeeping, walking the dog, preparing meals, running errands (such as going to the grocery or pharmacy), but even more importantly–taking care of your elder parent by providing compassionate and caring companionship, grooming/hygiene assistance, providing safety supervision, and more.

December: Stress-Free Holidays

December 1st, 2010 No Comments

Our December Community Resource Bulletin focuses on Stress-Free Holidays. We offer tips to help seniors & family caregivers enjoy the season. The holidays don’t need to be a stressful time for seniors and their families! Read our December Community Resource page to have Stress-Free Holidays.