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Happy July! Today is International Joke Day: some senior humor for your Monday…

July 1st, 2013 No Comments

Senior humor from Visiting Angels NJ

July 1st is International Joke Day, so we at Visiting Angels NJ wanted to participate. After all, laughter has many social, physical and mental health benefits. Laughter helps ease tension, brings people together, helps diffuse anger, increases blood flow, lowers stress hormones, boosts immunity, and overall improves moods.

How to increase your laughter: Watch comedies on TV or at the movies, share jokes with your friends, play with your children, grandchildren, or pets, engage in fun activities such as board games, table tennis, or bingo, and be around people who are fun.

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Tips on how to get your older parent to use a cane or walker…

May 15th, 2013 1 Comment

Is your older parent refusing to use a cane or walker–even though using one would make their stability so much better? Their main objection, it seems, is “canes and walkers are for old people!” They don’t want to be embarrassed by having to admit they need help walking. For those of us who want the best NJ elder care for their parent, it can be frustrating trying to get them to even consider the idea of using one.

The following are some tips to help convince them to use an assistive device.

  • Don’t suddenly force the device upon your parent; it may take some time
  • Try different tactics: appeal to their sensibilities, flatter them, suggest a compromise, make a deal, etc.
  • Take them to see a physical therapist for an assessment; perhaps they will listen to a professional
  • Point to friends or acquaintances who use a cane or walker
  • When shopping for one, let them choose the “model” to fit their personality–bright colors, metallic, decals
  • Let your parent complain and fuss all they want; they may eventually concede
  • Have them use it around the house at first; as they realize how much more stable they are using it, they may come to rely on it elsewhere

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