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“She did such a good job of caring for us”–another great testimonial!

December 4th, 2012 No Comments

We recently heard from one of our dear clients, Mrs. K. In a note she stated, “Dear Nora, my ‘Angel’ aide Na Na did such a good job caring for us. We are very pleased with Visiting Angels!”

Thank you, Mrs. K. of Hamilton, NJ!

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“I always felt she was too good to be true…but she was!”–excellent new testimonial

August 8th, 2012 No Comments

We received a wonderful testimonial from a client’s wife about our home care NJ aide, Josephine M.:

“Josephine cared for my husband until he recently passed away. I cannot speak highly enough of the care Josephine gave him. I would like to highlight some specifics of Josephine’s ‘tender loving care.’

When Josephine came to care for my husband, she would be so cheerful and soft spoken. She would inquire about the days she was not there and asked how he was. As far as personal care–it was there that she did her best work. Never did I find one spec of unclean skin; he was washed from head to toe and it was done in a very respectful manner. Josephine knew him well enough to brighten his day. For example, she would talk with him about The Price is Right and had a good time kidding with him.

I miss her now that she is not here; she deserves more credit than she receives. There is no one like her. I always felt she was too good to be true…but she was!”

–Mrs. F., Hamilton, NJ

“She was very happy and comfortable”—A New Testimonial

March 24th, 2011 No Comments

We are honored to have received a recent testimonial from a client’s granddaughter:

“To everyone at Visiting Angels, thank you for what you did for my grandma. She was very happy and comfortable with Mil [her aide]. Please thank her for her care and compassion.” — J. Pursell, Hamilton, NJ

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“Joy and Laughter”—A New Testimonial

January 19th, 2011 No Comments

We are delighted to have received this recent testimony from a client’s daughter:

“My mother was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease a few years ago. Even the newest medications could not prevent the complications of dementia. Our family was fortunate to have “Visiting Angels” recommended to us. Rhoda D. was chosen by Rudy and Nora [Managing Directors and Co-Owners] to provide 24-hour care for her. Rhoda quickly gained Mom’s confidence and permitted her to help with daily chores. Rhoda also interested her in preparing meals (with assistance), listening and dancing to music, and enjoying life stories which brought my mother joy and laughter. Because of her experience with dementia patients, she was able to help our family with sudden mood changes and suggested methods to calm and reassure her. I believe the choice our our ‘Angel,’ Rhoda, shows the insight Rudy and Nora possess in placing the correct person to care for their clients.” —Gail S., Hamilton, NJ