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Visiting Angels’ Home Care Employee Helps Save Beverly, NJ Client from Choking

January 8th, 2015 No Comments


Beverly, NJ’s Life-Saving Home Care Angel, Edwin

We’re so grateful for our home care employees. Their diligence and care for our clients has been exceptional, day-in and day-out. This story is just another example of how truly exceptional they are. A client’s daughter called recently to report that Edwin Zobon, one of our Angels for over 2 years, had just saved her father’s life, Mr. H from Burlington County. She said that her father was choking from a hot dog lodged in his throat when Edwin took action and helped dislodge the hot dog. She said it was such an intense few minutes with the situation. Edwin was a tremendous help to her father, and is so happy that Visiting Angels has such well trained staff caring for its clients. Mr. H’s daughter wanted Edwin to get his credit he deserves; she doesn’t know what she would do without him (and neither do we at Visiting Angels)! Thank you, Edwin!

A Life-Saving Story by a Visiting Angel!

November 13th, 2014 No Comments

Angel to the Rescue!

Recently, Doris Joseph, one our beloved home care employees for over 3-yrs, literally saved the life of Mrs. C, a long-term Visiting Angels’ client in Mercer County.

Doris reported this event to our Care Management Team shortly after the emergency occurred.

Doris said she had observed that Mrs. C recently began coughing after every meal. After serving her pork chops and corn on Friday, Doris noticed that Mrs. C once again began to cough.  Doris stood behind Mrs. C and patted her back, which had eased the coughing in the past.

But this time, Mrs. C suddenly stopped coughing and when Doris spun around to look at her, Mrs. C’s face was completely purple and she was not breathing. Doris said Mrs. C. had a look of terror on her face! Doris immediately stood her up and performed the Heimlich maneuver on her. Doris repeated it a second time and then the food finally was dislodged from Mrs. C’s throat and she began breathing normally again. Doris called Mrs. C.’s daughter who came over immediately. After spending some time with her mom, the daughter felt that she was now fine and elected to keep her mom’s upcoming scheduled doctor’s appointment rather than rush her to an ER.

All of us at Visiting Angels commend and thank Doris for her quick reflexes and technical skill in a situation where anything short of immediate action could have cost Mrs. C her life.

Doris is our latest “Life-Saving Angel”!!!