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4 reasons older people shouldn’t just “take it easy”….

April 15th, 2015 No Comments

Senior Fitness Visiting Angels Lawrence Township, NJ

Exercise improves seniors’ overall health

Fact or Fiction? “Exercising is dangerous as I get older, so I should just take it easy.” Answer: FICTION, of course!

Studies have shown that regular exercise can improve health for seniors by:

  • Improving balance and preventing falls
  • Strengthening muscles and improving endurance
  • Relieving depression and improving mood
  • Preventing some types of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes

Talk to your doctor about starting an exercise program that works for you!

Get Outdoors to Prevent Disease!

April 6th, 2015 No Comments

Get Outdoors in New Jersey with Visiting Angels

April Sunshine Leads to Good Health!

We’re all happy April is here. Hopefully, we’ll start getting some warmer, sunny days. As our infographic shows, it’s important for seniors’ health to get outside.

Get outdoors to prevent disease. Did you know? Just 10 to 15 minutes of daily sunshine gives you all the vitamin D your body needs. Get outdoors today and start reaping the benefits! Having the right amount of vitamin D can help prevent osteoporosis, depression, heart attacks, and even cancer.

Cancer Recovery Care by Angels

March 19th, 2015 No Comments

Extra living assistance after surgery or cancer recovery

Visiting Angels - In-Home Care PatientsThey say aging isn’t for the faint of heart. But we all tend to do it – age, that is. And as we do, our bodies are susceptible to a variety of diseases we didn’t worry about when we were younger.  Now they hover on our horizon.

Did you know that ninety percent of colorectal cancer cases are discovered in patients over the age of fifty? Colon cancer affects both men and women and accounts for nearly ten percent of the annual cancer-related deaths in the U.S.

The good news is that there are more ways than ever to treat colorectal cancer today. As with the majority of cancers, the earlier it is discovered, the more likely treatment will be successful.  In fact, with early detection, colon cancer is nearly ninety percent curable, which makes screenings vital. Talk with your doctor about screening today.

Another important piece of good news is that many cancer survivors are over age 65. Screening and effective treatment for cancer allow us to return to living out a wonderful life at home.

Help just when you need it

Sometimes we need a bit of help getting back into that wonderful life after surgery or cancer treatment. We can make it at home; we might just need a little support for a while. And that’s where Visiting Angels comes in.

Schedule Visiting Angels to come to your home and take the load off while you regain your strength. Visiting Angels will provide support and service according to your needs for a short period of time, or as long as you need assistance. We’ll do the shopping, the laundry, the cooking, cleaning, and errands you may be too tired to accomplish yourself while recovering. We extend compassionate, competent companionship and custom service to each of our clients.

If you need Visiting Angels for your loved ones, or for yourself, call 609-883-8188 today. We’ll listen to you and build a care plan based on specific, individual needs. When you require a professional, in-home caregiver, contact Visiting Angels.