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August 22 is “Be An Angel Day”!

August 22nd, 2012 1 Comment

“Be An Angel Day” was created to help encourage kindness in the world. Its objective is to act like an Angel by doing nice things for each other…to help one another. This will not only be a blessing for the recipient, but to you as well.

At Visiting Angels, our home care NJ Angels’ job is to spread kindness and goodness each day!


It was a busy December for NJ Senior Care!

January 4th, 2012 No Comments

The holidays and vacation schedules didn’t slow down our home care NJ offices in Mercer and Burlington Counties, NJ! Rudy Tervooren, Visiting Angels’ Managing Director and Co-owner, was hard at work in the month of December attending numerous initial client meetings and making referral/client visits. While Rudy was bringing in the clients, Nora de Cárdenas, Managing Director and Co-owner (along with Karen Paul, Client Care Associate), was busy matching our professional, caring aides to our new clients, as well as maintaining the schedules and well-being of our existing care recipients.

We are the experts on elder care New Jersey. If you would like to book an eldercare presentation, please call Rudy at 609-883-8188 or email him at

It’s a New Year…time to be prepared for emergencies!

January 3rd, 2012 No Comments

In the New Year, people tend to make resolutions such as losing weight, saving money, working out more, etc. Why not make a resolution to prepare for emergencies? Seniors, along with the rest of us, need to be prepared. Last year we had snowstorms and even a hurricane in New Jersey. What will 2012 bring? We may hope for the best, but it’s wise to prepare for the worst!

Our January Community Resource bulletin will help you ring in the New Year by being prepared!

Are you and your home prepared for winter? Read these tips to help…

November 2nd, 2011 No Comments

Last weekend in New Jersey, winter arrived early! Many of us found ourselves unprepared for the blast of winter weather which left many without power for hours and even days. How prepared were you? Did you have fresh batteries, were your candles easy to find, were your snow shovels accessible? Did you check on your senior parents and neighbors to make sure they were prepared? With this brief window between now and the official start of winter, take the time to go through a checklist. Be prepared! Read Visiting Angels’ co-founder, Jeffrey Johnson’s article/checklist by visiting

Did you hear about the couple, married 72 years, who both died while holding each other’s hand?

October 20th, 2011 No Comments

What a beautiful love story! An Iowa couple died last week, hand in hand. They had been in a car accident and were both injured and hospitalized. According to an ABC report, they did many things together throughout their lives, from working at a Chevrolet dealership to a creamery. Married since the day the wife graduated high school in 1939, their lives had been filled with shared happiness. Please read the full story (…and grab a tissue!

Read these 10 valuable tips for avoiding Medicare fraud

October 10th, 2011 No Comments

Medicare fraud costs Americans over $60 billion each year! It not only hurts older adults who receive coverage, but also affects every taxpayer who must make up the losses through increased taxes. Jeffrey Johnson, co-founder of Visiting Angels (providing senior home care), has presented 10 valuable ways to help prevent Medicare fraud.

First tip: Guard your Medicare number as you would your Social Security Number. Never give it out on the phone, to a door-to-door sales person, or even over the internet.

To read the nine remaining tips, click on the full article here:


Check out 5 reasons puzzles are great for your brain…

September 28th, 2011 No Comments

Seniors: care for your brain! Puzzles are a fun way to enhance your brain functions, such as improving your memory and how you reason, improving your ability to visualize in 3D space, and improving your motor skills. Doing them can also help ward off any decline in your mental abilities that come as you age.

In the book, The Playful Brain, the authors give 5 reasons why puzzles provide food for your brain:

1. Strengthen Motor Skills
2. Build Up Spatial Thinking
3. Increase Working Memory
4. Refine Long-Term Memory
5. Enhance Verbal Reasoning

For examples of each type of puzzle, read the article on AARP’s website ( To download a memory screening test, click on our NJ senior care resource page “Depression Masking As Dementia.”