Visiting Angels Home Care Testimonials in Mercer and Burlington Counties, NJ

Read Visiting Angels’ Home Care Reviews for Clients in Mercer and Burlington Counties in New Jersey

Home Care Reviews from Clients via

“The caregiver from Visiting Angels provided companionship for my mother. She helped her with personal care too. She’s warm and friendly. She cares about her job and cares about my mom. Starting from the top of the organization down to the scheduling team – I say that they were very helpful and accommodating. If there’s a scheduling problem, they always call us in advance to let us know so we can make other arrangements.” —A Reviewer

“The aides from Visiting Angels were very good. I find them very responsible with their care. We used them for a year and a half.” —A Reviewer

“Everything has been good with Visiting Angels. I’m happy with their service. I have recommended them to others.” —A Reviewer

“I was hospitalized and needed a home care service. I liked what I saw on Visiting Angels’ brochure and contacted them. One of the co-owners came to see me [for a consultation]. The management was prompt and responsive. The people that they sent were very good. I never had any complaints about anyone.” —A Reviewer

“My parents are staying in a retirement community and Visiting Angels was on the list of their preferred providers. Overall, I would say that the people from the office, especially the coordinator Mindy, have worked very hard to find people who are good fits for my parents. Mindy has been very persistent in getting people who are good for us. We had some caregivers who were absolutely outstanding and excellent; we also had other ones who didn’t work out at all. The agency has been very responsive and considerate; if they send someone who doesn’t work out, they find a replacement who would be better. As a result, we have ended up with topnotch caregivers.” —A Reviewer

“Visiting Angels’ aides were nice and they always got here on time. They came when they were supposed to and they took good care of my husband. They took care with his feeding, his bath, and did some light housework. They also took him for a walk when he was still able to walk. They took care of him and his skin was perfect. Sometimes when he was lying down a lot, the skin was prone to break and his was just perfect; we got a compliment from the hospital about that.” —A Reviewer

Home Care Reviews from surrounding New Jersey areas:

“We have been with Visiting Angels since January [several months]. They’re terrific. They provide a health aide for mom; we always refer to her as God’s gift. She is wonderful. She does housekeeping, makes sure mom has an exercise sheet, and makes sure mom does the exercises, like walking every day. If it’s bad weather, they just walk in the hallway of the five-story building. She does the laundry, too. She was hired with specifications [of what] we needed, and she does exactly what you ask her to do. If there’s any trouble that might be happening with my mother, the lady [our aide] and I text back and forth and sometimes she calls, too.” —Nancy, Lindenwold, NJ

“Visiting Angels has been very instrumental and informative about the Veteran’s Benefits to which my mother was entitled and that I know nothing about. I am very grateful for that. My initial meeting with Visiting Angels was with Rudy. He was very informative and helpful in explaining what I needed to do. They assigned us a home health aide by the name of Darlene. She is just excellent and perfect for my mother. She can make my mother do things that she will never do when I ask. I have to say that they made the right choice in assigning an aide for my mother. My mother is not an easy person. She is resistant and stubborn, but Visiting Angels found the perfect aide for her.” —Regina B., Cherry Hill, NJ

“We were very happy with Visiting Angels. The management worked very closely with us and provided us with really excellent caregivers. We had 3 here on a regular basis and they were here most of the time. They were just fabulous. The office made sure we have the aides here when we needed them, and called on a regular basis to make sure everything was OK or if we had any other needs. They took excellent care of Mr. R. I can’t say enough about them. They were fantastic! We used them for 3 months. I was very happy with anybody I had dealt with at Visiting Angels.” —Anne, Voorhees, NJ

“Incredibly kind and professional! We have had an ‘Angel’ taking care of my grandmother for over a year now. Although she is in excellent mental condition, my grandmother needs some extra help and can’t be left alone for long periods of time. Visiting Angels provides an incredible peace of mind for all of us in the family. Of course we all still visit her frequently, but we simply would not be able to work, travel, or sleep soundly if this angel was not with her every day. While her quality of life is certainly improved, ours is as well.” —Paul R., Weehawken, NJ

“Everyone was great. I wouldn’t be walking again [after my injury] if it weren’t for my Angels—William, Bunny, Joseph, Nora, and Bridgid. You made it possible for me to walk again. I love you all; you were always there for me.” —Sam P., Cherry Hill, NJ

“I had spoken with other home care agencies before about live-in NJ elder care for my mother. But, I had never been impressed with either their company information or their delivery. This totally changed when I called Visiting Angels. I talked directly with Rudy, one of the owners, who blew me away with his professionalism, understanding of my family’s needs and immediate, personal follow-up. After our first conversation, Rudy scheduled a meeting at my parents’ home where he gave us an in-depth presentation on his company and its services, while a Visiting Angel’s RN was conducting an in-home assessment. Rudy and his team topped this off by providing us the next day with a wonderful live-in caregiver. All this within 48 hours of my initial call! A truly amazing experience!” —Sue M., Kings Park, NY

Home Health Aide Reviews from Visiting Angels’ RN Supervisor:

“Ophelia has been the live-in aide for Joan B., a client with dementia, for a long time. Caring for people with dementia is very demanding–they are not only less cognitive but are also more physically dependent as time goes by. In Ophelia’s case, her client is a challenge every hour and day she cares for her, and the client’s daily personal care is becoming more difficult and time-consuming as a result. | Understanding that is only half the competence Ophelia shows. Recently, after Ophelia took a week off the case, the client noticed a urine smell in the house. After investigating, Ophelia found the client’s dog was urinating on the carpet. The carpet was replaced, and Ophelia now keeps it clean by leaving pads on which the dog can relieve himself (“accidents”)–all so the dog can remain with Joan. | Ophelia is to be commended for the job she is doing; she is dedicated and professional. The client’s family is so grateful for Ophelia and it is very obvious why she is so respected. Ophelia has considered all aspects of care to make this a wonderful home for the client.” —Marilyn W., RN for Visiting Angels NJ Senior Care

“I wish to acknowledge the excellent job Messie M. did in taking care of our client, Ms. T, a young woman dying from cancer. Messie was gentle and considerate; she went into the case with grace. It was a very delicate, challenging situation and there was a great need for help. Ms. T’s sister was the only close relative and was caring for our client while also working. Messie had to be flexible and fill-in with ever-changing work hours to help the two sisters. They were very appreciative of the way Messie not only was there for our client, but she also did everything she could to make it easier around the house for both sisters. But these efforts are not only why I am writing you. It was the words of not only the sister of Ms. T, but also of a friend that impressed me. The friend, of her own accord, wanted to make me aware of the compassion and gentleness with which Messie cared for our client. The friend said, ‘it was qualities that run deep in Messie’s person and not something she was just doing for us.’ How wonderful for our clients to have such high-quality aides to help them.” —Marilyn W., RN for Visiting Angels NJ Senior Care