Waves of an Elder Widow Brings Smiles to Students and a Special Valentine Surprise

February 26th, 2014 No Comments

Older Woman Waves at Students Everyday and Gets a Surprise

Have you heard the touching story about the older woman in British Columbia who waves and smiles at students walking by her house every day on their way to and from school? It’s gone viral on social media due to its inspirational message. Like many of our home health care clients in New Jersey, Tinny Davidson, 84, lives alone; her husband passed away a couple years ago. Since moving to their home in 2007, the couple had started waving at teens passing by their home to and from their way to school, and she has continued doing so faithfully after his death. Both Mrs. Davidson and the students are mutually blessed by this small act of kindness. Mrs. Davidson said, “I love it. It’s been a fun few years.” Students say, “you can always count on her to have that warm smile on a dreary day” and “she’s one of those people who’s pumping everyone’s attitude up.”

The students expressed their appreciation with a surprise on Valentine’s Day. They invited her to a school assembly and presented her with handmade Valentine cards.

This story illustrates how a seemingly small gesture can spread happiness. Living alone can be extremely lonely for many older people, but Mrs. Davidson has made hundreds of new friends without even leaving her home or saying a word.

Watch the video and be inspired!

Visit Chek News’ website for an update on how the story has gone viral: http://bit.ly/1frhhWQ

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