Willingboro, NJ Visiting Angels Home Care Reviews

Willingboro, New Jersey in-home senior living assistance review

Visiting Angels Home Care Reviews NJ“We were very distraught with what to do with mom because we’re trying to keep at home as long as we possibly can. Being by herself, the depression was starting to set in. Her mood was very low, so to speak, and she was very lethargic. She had become pretty much restless. I live an hour away from her, so I try to make it whenever I possibly can, but because of the distance, it’s very difficult. I also work at a daycare quite often, and being there from 6am–6pm added to my dilemma to try to take care of her as much as I could. When we did get the approval for it [Visiting Angels’ Veterans Program], Visiting Angels started coming in 3x a week. Nieces and nephews that have just recently visited her have all said that they saw a big difference in her outlook and attitude—she smiles and is more attentive with everybody. [Having Visiting Angels] has done a 180 turn for her. The staff has been phenomenal. Ana is the supervisor, and she has been on top of it. If any changes are made, she’s on the phone with me. She’s really quick to call me to let me know if anything’s happening, like if somebody is running late or if somebody is early. I mean, she is on the ball with anything and everything! Lakeya is the caretaker that is coming and helping with my mom. She has been a true blessing to have. Mom loves having her there to chat with her and talk about the kids and everything, because they both had kids and stories to exchange. Mom even cuts me off when I call when she’s there; she’ll tell me to call back later because her “friend” is there. She’s bonding with her, which is a great thing to see. Lakeya is a sweetheart. She’s on the phone [with me] if my mom is asking her to do something. She’ll say, “Hey, this is what she wants to do, is this okay or not?” They are really on top of communication, which is a real big thing; that was the main thing that I was looking for—somebody who’s going to be steady, and somebody who is going to communicate. I will definitely give them 5 stars with some plus signs!” —Dee, Willingboro, NJ

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